About our restaurant

Our restaurant was opened to the public in 1994. Four good friends, whose friendship goes back to their childhood, came up with the idea of opening a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the situation also offered the name. The “Négy Muskétás” restaurant has been awaiting its guests with continuous polite service, qualified cooks and waiters in a pleasant environment for many years.

Our staff has evolved into a qualified crew of people forming a strong team for a long time – which is not typical in the restaurant trade – so our guests always get the same quality of service they have become accustomed to.

At our restaurant the Guest is the King! We believe that best advertising is by word of mouth, so the best advertising for our restaurant consists of the group of satisfied regular customers and their opinion. We hope to be able to welcome you as well soon.

Our meals

Thanks to well-organised work in the kitchen and “culinary know-how”, you have a choice of over 50 dishes made home-made style, while there is an opportunity to make unique wishes and request individual menus or specialities. Fried calf feet is always available at our restaurant. In addition to the customary soft drinks and beers, you have a choice of quality wines from a number of famous wine cellars to go with your meal.

In addition to the standard dishes we also offer several specialities to our guests, continuously supplemented by the favourite dishes requested by our regular customers. We also considered the younger age groups when devising our dishes, and so parents have a choice of a separate Children`s menu to select from. In addition to the chef’s recommendation, we also offer seasonal menus in line with the relevant holidays, such as veal dishes at Easter, light salad compositions that are popular in the summer heat, goose dishes for Saint Martin’s day in November, or fish and turkey dishes, single dishes, pastries for Christmas and pork dishes on New Year’s Eve.

We keep continuous records of the dishes that are more popular among our customers, and use these records for compiling and extending our menu. Dishes most requested in previous years.

The restaurant layout

Our restaurant has an indoor and an outdoor, terrace section, so everybody can find the right place to spend a few pleasant hours. The internal hall has boxes of 6*4 places. The outdoor terrace – which is sheltered but is open during the summer so it offers an open air atmosphere – can accommodate 40 persons, and allows for varying the tables and seats according to the number of guests (by default, the tables here also accommodate four people). Smoking is not allowed in our restaurant.

See the pictures in the Gallery!

Opening hours (standard)

Our restaurant is open every day from 12:00 noon to 11:00 PM. Our kitchen works from 12.00 noon to 9:30 PM.

Reservation policy, our services (standard)

Reservations can be made by telephone, at +36 (1) 203-1401 or +36 (30) 712-3821. Reservation on Saturdays and Sundays should be taken for two time ranges: from 12.00 PM to 2.30 PM or from 3 PM to 5.30 PM. Above 8 people, we can only provide tables with pre-ordered main courses. For larger groups we recommend our 2 persons Musketeers` menus and mixed plates. In the case larger groups (e.g., class meetings) we charge HUF 5,000 per person as room rental fee, which can be consumed in full during the day.

In addition to catering for individuals or smaller groups of friends in the traditional way, our restaurant offers its halls and services for larger groups, meetings, weddings, birthdays or other events – without rent in the event of agreed menus. We also offer to organise "closed" events at your place, and to compile menus or dishes tailored to your needs, after prior agreement. Ask for a detailed offer from our restaurant manager by phone or in e-mail: info@negymusketasetterem.hu.

We prepare the dishes on our menu for our guests also based on special and agreed needs, and in addition to the dishes available on order, there is an opportunity to compile and prepare unique dishes, menus and specialties. If you can not have your dishes, we can wrap it up for you for later consuming. You can pay using SZÉP Kártya voucher and credit or debit card as well..



We hope that You will be our Guest soon!