In addition to traditional dishes, we offer several unique specialities to our guests. These are marked on our menu with sign. Moving the cursor over this mark reveals the composition of the dish.

In addition to the separate dishes, we also offer our Musketeers` Menus, which contain several dishes at a favourable price, allowing everyone to choose based on their appetite and taste. It is also possible to combine different meats, garnishes, sauces and other items in a customised Musketeers` Plates. These plates are offered for individuals or just a few friends, smaller or larger events, also for ordering in advance.

The page includes the dishes most frequently ordered in the previous year.


French Onion Soup size XXL: a true French onion soup with leek, margarine, cream and marble cheese, served in an XXL size cup.

Meat soup with good things: a rich meat soup with shell-shaped pastry, stripes of chicken, smoked meat and mixed vegetables.

Goose liver a`la Richelieu: fine goose liver served in its own fat, with mustard onion salad

Camembert cheese with cranberry jam

Rolled turkey breast D`Artagnan style: turkey breast fillet in bread crumbs, stuffed with mushrooms, cheese and ham, with mixed garnishes

Breast of chicken Zengő style: chicken breast slices stuffed with cheese and ham, covered with bacon, roast, served with a salad with a dressing

Landlady`s plate: pork in breadcrumbs, pork cutlet with mustard, roast turkey breast with mixed garnish (boiled/fried potato, ice, steamed vegetables, corn) and lettuce salad

Pork cutlet with Richelieu salad: pork cutlet with an onion salad with mustard and chips

Pork chops in breadcrumbs, stuffed with cheese, served with bottled peach

Roast pork medallions covered with goose liver and mushrooms, soaked in dill-paprika sauce, served with potato croquettes

Mylady`s pancake: pancakes filled with a fine cottage cheese cream, with vanilla sauce

Turbo sponge cake Somlói style: sponge cake Somlói style on vanilla icebed, covered with peach

Muskétás ice cream cup: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with mixed fruits

Dishes most frequently ordered in previous year at our restaurant


Roast pork medallions covered with goose liver and mushrooms, soaked in dill sauce,
served with potato croquettes

Fried calfs feet with garnish and tartare sauce

Breast of chicken Zengő style

Mixed meats on wooden plate with garnish

Vienna Pork with pommes and salad

Ribsteak with fried onions and fried potatoes

Rolled turkey breast in D`Artagnant style

Musketeers` assorted meatplate for 2 persons

Fried catfish filet with thousand-island salad

Hungarian paprika pork with gnocchi

Winds felted pork a la Brasov

Breast of chicken grilled in three kinds of cheese with French fries

Turbo sponge cake Somlói style